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Did you see that? Google increases the number of meta description characters from 160 to 320

Update: After about five months of experiment, Google began to show short descriptions. This is not the first time that the browser performs a change and […]

Understanding how Google works

One of the first steps to success with Digital Marketing is basically to understand how Google works in relation to indexing sites. Even before working with […]

Change in Google: title tag will also be applied to image results

You investing in keyword , also influences the rate of clicks, since this is the title that you will read in Google results. In this regard, […]

5 Rich Snippets Techniques to Increase Your Business CTR in Search

You know the phrase: “If you are not on the first page of Google, you do not exist on the Internet”? Well, the idea may be […]

The SEO Secrets Revealed by Vitor Peçanha at #RDSummit

You still underestimate the power of a blog to generate business? You think it’s too much work and that does not yield the expected results for […]

Do social networks influence the SEO of a website?

This is a very common question for anyone working with SEO site? The question is understandable, for how Google’s algorithm determines the placement of websites in […]