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8 Lies That Are Telling You About Link Building

Professional SEO are always seeking to understand the Google algorithm to achieve better positions in the results. However, as the engine hardly reveals their ranking criteria, […]

Domain, subdomain, subdirectory, and parked domain: what they are and when to use each one

When we started investing in create a blog . At this point, many may have the following questions: use a subdomain or a subdirectory? Before that, […]

RDicas # 05 – Careful when changing domains

The fifth edition of RDicas is for you who are thinking of changing your domain or make a change in the information architecture of your site […]

6 basic strategies to use on your company website and improve your sales

It’s been a long time since it has become essential for a company to have a website. Currently, people are very connected to the internet – […]

How to use long tail keywords to attract more people to your site

Companies are continually increasing efforts to become reference in the digital environment and bring more and more revenue from different channels that the internet offers. This […]

Google Trends: What is the tool and how to use it in your strategy

Have you considered using the Google Trends for his actions Inbound Marketing ? That’s what this article is going to deal with. But before (or after, […]