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6 reasons your page is not showing by Google

A question that quite often hear in SEO is “why my page is not showing up in Google?”. There are some important aspects in the way […]

8 Reasons Your Business Does not Ignore Google+

Ie, pages that have been “stamped” by these people appear to you at all, if your friends liked that content is quite likely that you also […]

What you need to know (and do not know) about Direct Traffic

When we begin to analyze the results of a site and performance for each channel, as indicated in a Web Analytics process , some things are […]

How to Explore Organic Traffic and Prepare Your Website to Sell More

The battle for the top positions on Google pages is nothing new. If we consider that 60% of all clicks occur on the first 3 positions […]

RDicas # 07 – How to deal with site pagination

You know how to use pagination on your site correctly? Without prejudice to index your pages in Google? In the seventh chapter of RDicas, Aluysio Ferreira, […]

Google AMP HTML: What It Is And How To Set Up Your Website To Be Faster On Mobile Devices

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages (accelerated mobile pages, in Portuguese), are pages of sites optimized for simplified loading and almost instantaneous when accessed via mobile […]