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Google Penguin 4.0: 4 Considerations on the Latest Search Engine Algorithm Update

On September 23, 2016 Google announced the newest update of the algorithm: the Penguin 4.0 . The digital world was divided. While some experts showed optimism, […]

How to Use a Like Gate to Generate Fans and Leads on Facebook

Anyone working with Facebook for a long time, you’ve probably heard the term Welcome Tab , or tab Welcome, a personalized page where they were going […]

7 Tips to Take Off Your Company Page on LinkedIn

If your company does not yet have a Company Page on LinkedIn, it’s good to hurry, because the network has more than 500 million professionals updated […]

Keywords: from concept to research, everything you need to know

When we think of keyword (keyword, in English), it is almost inevitable not to think of the Google. In fact, the term began to be disseminated […]

RDicas # 03 – Where to start optimizing your site

We are with another edition of RDicas, a series of videos with various information about  first  or the second part can follow in our links). In […]

The secret to mastering mobile searches: check out Maryna Hradovich’s tips from SEMrush at Studio RD Summit

The VP of growth and development of SEMRush , Maryna Hradovich came to RD Summit with a lofty goal: to teach participants the secret – or […]