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SEO tip # 26: Do not use black hat techniques

We can define black hat techniques as aggressive SEO that do not follow the guidelines of search engines and try to manipulate its rules, in order […]

Twitter Cards: how to use cards to go beyond 140 characters

Did you know that a tweet can carry in your content, more than a tweet? Among the various challenges for those who manage a profile on […]

7 items you may know with the Facebook Stats part

If you have a Fan Page , more fans, increase their engagement , generate More Leads and even more have results are key to the success […]

How to use Google Tag Manager

Here at Digital results, we the growth team are always doing experiments on the site, such as A / B testing, and using new tools to […]

10 mistakes that end with engagement on your Facebook

You have created a fan page for your business, but it has not generated many reactions, comments, shares or conversions? So it’s time to turn on […]

7 ways to generate Leads with pop-ups without disrupting the user experience

You, who works with importance of generating Leads for your business. And of course, you know you need to improve your site’s conversion rates to maximize […]