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Step by step: what to do before, during, and after posting a post

Who works with frequent production of content for a blog certainly has made many times by the situation of forgetting some important step in the publication […]

What is CRO and how this technique can make your business grow

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO or in Portuguese, Conversion Optimization) is a structured and systematic way to improve the performance of a site, drawing more traffic to […]

4 tips to make your Facebook posts more attractive

If your company has a page on Facebook , you’ve probably noticed that the number of people actually click on your links is much smaller than […]

How an explanatory video can potentiate your Inbound Marketing strategy

Have you noticed that more and more found in the home of the sites in any segment but mostly technology, an explanatory video (almost a cartoon), […]

How to write posts titles that attract clicks and win visitors

How long you invest in creating titles for blog posts of your company? More or less than the time to write the rest of the post? […]

Posts in list form: 16 reasons for you to use this format in your blog

If you have minimal contact with content on the Internet, for sure already bumped into one of those posts “9 tips when buying a car,” “15 […]