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Why Every Digital Marketing Professional Must Learn to Program the Basics

We have the custom to say here in Digital results that the employee seniority goes in dog years, and we believe the same goes for Digital […]

How does Quality Score affect the performance of your campaign in AdWords?

I believe that anyone who advertised on Google Adwords already know that the device is operating in the auction system. However, not many know how this […]

The most popular Digital Marketing tools used by Brazilian companies in 2017

As companies go turning to generating Leads , relationships with potential customers etc. It is in this scenario that growing demand for the use of tools: […]

How to create a Facebook page: 6 details to take into consideration when starting

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and more than being a tool to connect people, today it is a means for companies […]

What is a Bounce Rate and why is it important for your business

Rejection rate or Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who access a website and leave without accessing new pages or interact with your content, triggering […]

Why a Facebook Page does not replace a website

We have explained here the importance of your company have a Facebook page instead of a profile . What we are seeing today, however, it is […]