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How to create a YouTube channel: the complete tutorial

If you do not know how to create a channel on YouTube , and not for what reason should invest in this platform, then read the […]

8 tips to improve the presence of your event in social networks

Which event today that is not commented on social networks ? Even if the organizers do not engage directly in disseminating this information, the public is […]

27 eBooks about Digital Marketing that the RD launched in 2016

Here at Digital results, we are always looking for us to overcome. Either as individual contributors, whether as a team, we always give the best of […]

Glossary of blog terms

If you own or manage a corporate blog of a company or personal blog you might have noticed that there are many specific words related to […]

Content Production: The Best Bet on Digital Marketing

In general, the Digital Marketing is usually released and becomes known to people through some of its sub-areas. It is common to see a lot of […]

The marketing tools we use in Digital Results

As much of professional digital marketing , I am an enthusiast tools . I like to research, test and use several of them. Especially in digital […]