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Custom tabs and Facebook applications: when they work and how to use

Abas (or applications) are those little windows that appear just below the page’s cover photo. By default, Facebook offers five options of them: photos, tanned, events, videos […]

Instagram Ads: 9 tips to make a good campaign

Before we talk about Instagram Ads , we contextualize a bit the strength of this social network. Your company already has a profile on Instagram? The […]

The CRO cycle: how to optimize page conversion

Who works with Digital Marketing certainly already have seen the term CRO several times there. In a free translation, the term means Conversion Optimization and consists […]

[Tutorial full] How to make an infographic in 5 simple steps

“This business of having to produce content and still edit the material is too complicated” . I heard this phrase in several versions over my work […]

Facebook launches new layout for fan pages: see changes X-ray

We talked about on the blog of the changes made by Facebook in the layout of fan pages in 2012 and in 2014 . More recently, […]

Webinar: What It Is and How to Make One That Gives Out Amazing Results

Webinar is an online seminar on video, recorded or live, and usually allows the interaction of the audience via chat. The main Webinar platforms are Youtube […]