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Everything a blogger needs to know to reuse content efficiently, and have a prosperous and happy life.

At this time, instead of spending hours and hours researching and planning for this article, I could have taken 3 pieces of content from a single […]

How the content of social networks can help in SEO work

It does not have a structure that we consider Digital Marketing without considering as and the social networks looking organic, it is not After all, whether […]

Google penalties: Why you can be penalized by Google and how to avoid losing search engine rankings

When trying to optimize a website, regardless of the marketing strategy we follow, we must be aware of what the are guidelines required by Google . […]

Measurements and Cover Size of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and more (January 2018)

  Includes profile picture size, banner, sharing images of each social network data and many more (Updated January 2018) As I will always be completely honest: […]

How to Make a “Great Podcast”: Step by Step Guide to Incorporate this Technique to your Online Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been writing blogposts for a while, maybe you’ve reached a point where you’re looking for other ways to tell your story or share your […]

Downloadable Checklist to define your Social Media Plan step by step

As you know, our intention from the blog of Postcron  is give you tools and tips apply , so you can immediately implement and improve your […]