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Video marketing to power! 7 tips to post videos on Facebook that will make your audience fall in love

Buyer person: why should every marketer or should he develop it in his work?

In the previous article we develop the importance of Storytelling for image building and branding , and also to strengthen the relationship with our customers / […]

Frequency guide to publish on Social Networks

There are several aspects you should consider if you want to communicate your suggestions to your audience so effectively . In addition to organizing your Social […]

Influencer Marketing: what is it and how can you take advantage of it to multiply your sales?

In recent years it has entered the advertising world a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly more strongly : we refer to Influencer Marketing . But what […]

Social Media Strategy: 6 Simple Steps to Bomb on the Web

You may have already heard of the presence of a brand on Social Networks: your target audience is online , waiting for you. Well note: many there are your […]

Everything a blogger needs to know to reuse content efficiently, and have a prosperous and happy life.

At this time, instead of spending hours and hours researching and planning for this article, I could have taken 3 pieces of content from a single […]