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5 Essential Qualities of a Social Media Manager

Many people from that eventhough believe (country, friends, acquaintances and even strangers) the work of a Social Media Manager is much more complex than that “in talking fying […]

How to Design an Updated and Effective Social Media Plan

Hundreds of companies and businesses have an interesting presence in social networks . However, many of them still not clear what is your strategy in this […]

The 12 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Started Following

Undoubtedly, it works with those who feel constant pressure by keeping up-to-date on the two consumer trends , more EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION markets and ways to achieve results of communication […]

Inbound Marketing: What it is and how to make the most of this strategy by integrating it into your Social NetworksWhat is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a methodology composed for 4 actions that each in one, pillars and tools considers that provide results for companies. […]

How changes in the Facebook algorithm have affected the pages that follow a Content Marketing strategy

As we all know, changes in the algorithm Facebook are almost constant and most of the time, unnoticeable. However, some important changes to the Facebook algorithm […]

How to create an effective Facebook page to promote your business and multiply your sales

The most important social network of our time in terms of size and relevance is Facebook. For that reason, all businesses that want to take advantage […]