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Internal links: what are they, why create and 5 tips for your site to take off

In my last article on the blog of Digital Results I talked a bit about link building and how it can help your website to get […]

5 effective tips to reduce your blog’s bounce rate

When we think of measuring how it’s going development and success of our blog, we need to be aware, from some important metrics (access, origins, goals, […]

12 Tips to Win Tanned on Your Facebook Page

  Every beginning work on a canal in Digital Marketing is a bit difficult. So it is with a blog, with a profile on Twitter, with […]

7 tips to write a post from scratch

You may have passed a few times because of the following situation: you need to write a post and your deadline is running. At that moment it […]

4 steps to build good responses to criticism in your blog or email

Se você recebeu algum tipo de comentário negativo, não há motivo para entrar em desespero. Aliás, você merece até parabéns, já que alguém se importa com […]

13 types of content you can produce for your blog

This post is a small excerpt from the eBook “31 types of content that you can produce for your blog”, a detailed eBook with the most […]