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14 online Digital Marketing courses you need to know

When compared to other areas of knowledge, we know that Digital Marketing is a relatively new field. So many people have searched for Digital Marketing courses […]

SEO Tip # 22: Generate links with mentions to your brand and the strategic terms for your company

External links are still one of the main Google rankeamento factors and get them is one of the main objectives of a strategy  SEO . Most […]

Are you making any of these 6 mistakes on Instagram? Learn how to avoid them

No one wants to make mistakes on Instagram, is not it? To prevent this situation from occurring and end up jeopardizing the engagement and the reputation […]

4 reasons not to display full posts in your blog’s Home

We have said many times here and in our eBook “Blog for Business” that blogging is one of the centerpieces of a good strategy Digital Marketing […]

Posts in list form: 16 reasons for you to use this format in your blog

If you have minimal contact with content on the Internet, for sure already bumped into one of those posts “9 tips when buying a car,” “15 […]

Facebook announces change in algorithm: less relevancy for fanpages and more for friends and family

  The year 2018 began with bad news for companies that publish content on Facebook. As announced Mark Zuckerberg in his personal profile yesterday, January 11, […]