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Why it’s not worth copying third-party content

Companies that follow good practices producing content is essential for good results online . The problem is that this task is not easy. You have to […]

The Truth About Duplicate Content and SEO

  You often hear place out there that duplicate content is bad for SEO , it would be punished by search engines like Google. Some say […]

How to identify good sales opportunities & nbsp; in your funnel

  The Inbound Marketing  is the most effective way to attract and educate potential customers through the Internet. For all companies whose sales can not take […]

Women’s Day: why it’s not all about (or are) flowers

  For those who follow us, should not be news that Digital Results invests and encourages diversity. It is known, too, that this is the way […]

Review RD Summit 2016: The Art of Memorable Content

For Henrique Carvalho, founder of the site Live Blog , an idea is so powerful that it can be resilient and contagious like a virus. Speaking […]

Call to Action: Everything you need to know

Call to Action is a call to action, very common on websites, emails and advertisements, telling the user what should be done. Usually a Call to […]