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7 types of images you should avoid using on your blog or website

You are producing content for your site and realizes that lacks only the visual appeal. To fill this gap, if they do not have a dedicated […]

Anchor text: what are + 5 tips on how to use it in favor of SEO

  Maybe you’ve never heard about anchor text, but certainly already clicked a while surfing the Internet ocean. This element is very important for your strategy […]

How to Produce Outstanding Content: 3 Lessons from Ann Handley’s Lecture #RDSummit

Speaking at RD Summit 2017, the writer Ann Handley brought insights valuable to produce content that stand out in the sea of internet publications . The […]

Updating old content can make a big difference in your marketing strategy

Imagine (or find) a content that you published for over a year. At the time he was successful, but reading today you realize that there are […]

Instagram Stories allows creation of polls for interaction with followers

  Instagram announced today an interesting novelty for businesses to engage with the public on the social network. It’s a sticker in survey format, which will […]

13 examples of landing pages with conversion rate above 40%

We talk a lot here on the blog about the importance of following good practice to create landing pages that convert. In this equation enter characteristics […]