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Anchor text: what are + 5 tips on how to use it in favor of SEO

  Maybe you’ve never heard about anchor text, but certainly already clicked a while surfing the Internet ocean. This element is very important for your strategy […]

How to Produce Outstanding Content: 3 Lessons from Ann Handley’s Lecture #RDSummit

Speaking at RD Summit 2017, the writer Ann Handley brought insights valuable to produce content that stand out in the sea of internet publications . The […]

Updating old content can make a big difference in your marketing strategy

Imagine (or find) a content that you published for over a year. At the time he was successful, but reading today you realize that there are […]

Instagram Stories allows creation of polls for interaction with followers

  Instagram announced today an interesting novelty for businesses to engage with the public on the social network. It’s a sticker in survey format, which will […]

13 examples of landing pages with conversion rate above 40%

We talk a lot here on the blog about the importance of following good practice to create landing pages that convert. In this equation enter characteristics […]

7 tips to gain more followers in company Instagram

It ‘s been some time that Instagram surpassed fun app position of photo editing, making it an important tool for Digital Marketing . As was encompassing […]