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I was able to generate traffic to my site! And now?

Google Analytics screen opened in Real Time, the numbers are stable until entering the air marketing campaign and access go up, up … you’re about to […]

What Motherhood Taught Me About Nutrition Flows

After I became a mother was more critical, less tolerant to things that do not add me and definitely the time was never something so precious. […]

How good Leads management can save on paid media and optimize investment

  Digital Marketing . But only attract them is not enough. We must separate the wheat from the chaff, selecting those that matter to your business. […]

The SEO Secrets Revealed by Vitor Peçanha at #RDSummit

You still underestimate the power of a blog to generate business? You think it’s too much work and that does not yield the expected results for […]

When and why to produce content outside your niche

Write regularly to the blog of your company is arguably one of the best ways to generate Leads, build an audience and enhance your company’s brand […]

New Facebook update: links from slow sites will be less displayed

Continuing the aim of improving the experience of its users, Facebook announced on August 2, 2017 an update that will prioritize the sites of publications load […]