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Why anyone who does content should look at the entire funnel – even sales

Have an operation Content Marketing working in your company? So let me ask a provocative question: how to define what content will be produced in the […]

How to prospect on social networks and use these channels to become market benchmark

It seems strange to remember that now that the sponsored posts dominate our timeline, but, until recently, companies were only marketing via traditional media. Prospect customers […]

Change in Google: title tag will also be applied to image results

  You investing in keyword , also influences the rate of clicks, since this is the title that you will read in Google results. In this […]

Memorable Customer Service Experiences: 3 Tips from Mikkel Svane #RDSummit

Trust in simplicity! That was the key theme of the lecture by Mikkel Svane, co-founder and CEO of Zendesk , a customer-service company established in 2007 […]

Avinash Kaushik: What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it being applied in Digital Marketing #RDSummit

Avinash Kaushik is one of the major references in web analytics that exist. He wrote two best-selling books on the subject ( Web Analytics an hour […]

How to Qualify Your Leads to Generate Business Opportunities

In Digital Marketing , there is much talk about generating Leads. In fact, the generation of Leads is the beginning of a whole process towards closing […]