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Tag Hreflang: what it is and how to use it in websites for different languages and countries

Hreflang is an alternate tag, included in the code of the pages of a website to indicate to Google that content has versions in different languages […]

Why You Should Personalize Your Ecommerce to the Max

We’ve talked in another post here on the blog about how to generate content for ecommerce and also about the importance of applying the Inbound Marketing […]

SSL Certificate: 6 reasons to use on your site

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows you to have a secure site to offer its customers. By using this feature, visual signals clearly express the user […]

Learn what is digital disruption and know the areas most affected by this change

Digital disruption is the name given to the process of optimizing certain functions through technologies that make them accessible to a larger audience. The YouTube is […]

Google Trends announces new filters and offers even more information in real time

  The Google Trends , a free tool that lets you monitor the number of searches for a particular keyword or topic over time, began to […]

9 behaviors that can lengthen your sales cycle

This post is an excerpt from a chapter of the book “Predictable Revenue: How to deploy a revolutionary methodology for outbound sales could triple the results […]