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Master the World: Tips for Building a Successful Global Marketing Strategy – Alexia Ohannessian #RDSummit

Any company born to be global. Who defends this idea is Alexia Ohannessian, a leading international marketing of Trello. And Alexia has a lot of authority […]

17 creative ideas for yourself to produce your rich content

At some point you ever thought about the possibility of producing a rich material, but abandoned the idea by not having staff or budget for it? […]

The 10 Most Common Startup Mistakes on Twitter

After Twitter started using domain on all the links , it began to appear as the site that brings most visitors to our blog. Just […]

LinkedIn announces updates to increase engagement; see what changes

LinkedIn announced a series of redesigns in order to boost user engagement. Updates represent the biggest change ever made in the social network desktop version – […]

Inbound Marketing for Mobile Applications: How to Sell and Promote Your App Efficiently

Not enough to be a good programmer and have an entrepreneurial spirit to develop a mobile app and gain many downloads. Even if it’s very innovative, […]

Content is worth more than money in social media

We’ve talked here about why having a blog for your company and gave seven reasons for a company to use Twitter . It is possible that […]