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How to Use Empathy in Negotiations

Psychologically, empathy is the ability to feel what another person feels if he were in the same situation experienced by her, that is, try looking in […]

Why Invest in Digital Marketing: 5 Excellent Reasons

Already more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet worldwide. And in Brazil, the proportion is similar: with 120 million people online , we are […]

Know 12 SEO technical mistakes and how to fix them

More and more companies have invested in content creation as part of its strategy Leads . A great way to be able to increase traffic to […]

8 Tips on How to Build a Good Leads Generation Form

One of the essential components of a Leads qualified (potential customers) is the capture form . Many people spend a tremendous effort to put together an […]

Business WhatsApp: Check out the details of the corporate version of the app

Good news for those who use WhatsApp in business was announced. The company announced on its official blog , on September 5, 2017, a version of […]

Is it possible to generate Leads with videos on Youtube?

Yes! The answer is simple and straightforward, and it may be much easier than it seems. All you need, however, is a video, a YouTube channel […]