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How to Generate Leads on Every Digital Marketing Channel

When it comes to digital marketing , it is impossible not to mention Lead generation and Lead. This is the main strategy to create business opportunities […]

ROI: what it is, how and why to calculate Return on Investment [+ free calculator]

(ROI stands for Return On Investment) is literally the return on investment metric used to know how much the company earned from investments, such as paid […]

[Tutorial full] How to make an infographic in 5 simple steps

“This business of having to produce content and still edit the material is too complicated” . I heard this phrase in several versions over my work […]

How Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Algorithms Work

Five billion, five hundred million and sixty million: these are the total of new posts a day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively. Them are information […]

Content for the Funnel Top: what are the ideal formats and how to produce them

A challenge for companies seeking new customers for your products and services is to produce appropriate content to publish on the website, blog and other channels. […]

Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns across different media types

Promote marketing campaigns these days is not an easy task. You have to take into account a lot from the competition to the complexity of campaigns. […]