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Content for the Funnel Top: what are the ideal formats and how to produce them

A challenge for companies seeking new customers for your products and services is to produce appropriate content to publish on the website, blog and other channels. […]

Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns across different media types

Promote marketing campaigns these days is not an easy task. You have to take into account a lot from the competition to the complexity of campaigns. […]

Change in Google AdWords: Campaigns will continue to be active after daily budget is reached

  “To help you achieve your goals, now their campaigns can spend up to twice the daily budget.” This was the announcement that Google has made […]

Different Subdomain Blog – How to Track in Google Analytics?

Not infrequently we see some companies separate the blog (or other section) of the rest of the site using different subdomains. Examples: The problem […]

How to choose the best website domain?

The creation of a new business part of a purpose, a plan and the realization of choices that become crucial to the future success. Among these […]

Canonical tag: what it is, how important it is to SEO and how to use it

The canonical tag, or canonical tag, has a simple goal: in case of duplicate content, it indicates that the main thing for search engines. The feature […]