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Preparing a Stream on YouTube Live

As already published here on the blog , Google announced in August 2016 the end of the Hangouts On Air and suggested that the tool was […]

How to be a good salesperson: 7 practices that separate the excellent professionals from the rest

  Many believe that to be a good seller you must have been born with special features such as being outgoing, charismatic and able to make […]

How to generate more sales for your ecommerce with the use of chatbots

  Who was the chatbots . But if you did not, no problem! We decided to share with all our knowledge on the subject and market […]

How to make online courses

We know that currently the major concern when starting a business on the type of education the distance is how to make the dissemination of online […]

XML Sitemap: everything you need to know

  You know what is a Sitemap and why it is so important that your site has one? This is a very important issue for SEO […]

Unmasking RankBrain Mysteries: What It Is, How It Works, and How It Can Influence Your Rankings in Google

RankBrain is a system developed by Google that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve search results and interpret new search requests, that is, terms […]