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30 key SEO techniques to leverage your WordPress site on Google

If you want a good position in search engines, you need to take the SEO very seriously. Luckily, you already use WordPress as it is a […]

How to use storytelling in your sales and marketing strategies

  English story (history) and telling (count), the storytelling is defined as the ability to tell a story in which you can convey a message and […]

5 Essential Tips to Decrease Abandoned Carts in Ecommerce

  Growth estimates for the Brazilian e-commerce, in 2018, could not be better. Apparently, the industry’s revenues will reach near 60 billion reais . But with […]

Blockchain: How the technology behind bitcoin should impact Digital Marketing

  You may have heard of bitcoin and blockchain. These technologies are interconnected and had a major impact in 2017 and an even greater disruption may […]

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing Services to an Agency

Investing in Digital Marketing is a desire shared by many companies who see this strategy a more affordable way to win potential customers. However, it is […]

19 Google tools for marketing your business

Google is present in our daily lives in many ways: search, email, advertising – and even on mobile phones, with Android. What not everyone knows is […]