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As A Web Developer, What Are Ways To Improve SEO For A Small Website?

Quick SEO tips for a better ranking Your website has been online for some time and yet you are not satisfied with the ranking. You wonder what […]

How Does Microdata Help You In SEO?

The Benefits And Impact Of Microdata For SEO As the theme has not yet been discussed, I chose today to talk about microdata, these little bits […]

Which Of The Three SEO Hats Is Better For A New Website?

TYPES OF SEO Hello everyone! In these Christmas days today I’m going to take what will be the last pill of the year and once again, like […]

What Is Search Engine Ranking?

What exactly is search engine ranking? The term search engine ranking is used in the jargon of online marketing to describe the order in which the […]

What Are The Top 12 Reasons You Need SEO In 2018?

12 Reasons For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization enables companies to increase their reach while saving part of their advertising budget. This will help you […]

Organic SEO: Tags Rank Higher Than Content

Getting more traffic from search engines is and will always remain one of the main goals of any website owner. Organic traffic meets specific SEO rules that […]