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Understand the importance of design when designing your website

Having a website on the Internet without worrying about making it a memorable page, will not bring any results for your business. First, you should employ […]

What is WordPress? An overview of the world’s most popular CMS

What is WordPress? He is currently the CMS (Content Management System or Content Management System) most popular in the world. WordPress is used by more than […]

As the Triângulo Mineiro found in web hosting a solution for growth

The News Triangle is a portal of news Patos de Minas – MG, created in 2017 with the mission to bring quality content to the mining […]

How to create and register a domain – Complete Guide

More than 3.9 million domains already exist in Brazil and you need to know how to register a domain too, right? To take your online project, […]

Guide to learning how to connect PHP with MySQL

This tutorial will be very useful if you are starting to learn about the development of sites. Using this tutorial, you will learn how to connect […]

Learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress

It has been in a situation where you want to give a makeover in the design of your current page, but at the same time, wants […]