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Como Resolver ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS no WordPress

When you are developing a site in WordPress, you may have to face some mistakes along the way. One of the most popular is the error […]

Online curriculum, how important is your application?

What is a good resume , but a document that sells an organized and objective manner their key skills and competencies? So to speak may seem […]

How to disable comments in WordPress

When you consider disabling comments on WordPress, know you have many things you should take into consideration. And one of them is how your content interacts […]

How not to lose money with your E-commerce

The e-commerce market is growing increasingly worldwide. Only in Brazil, in 2016, the shopping e-commerce in Brazil had revenues of R $ 44.4 billion, according to […]

How do I know which version of WordPress is on my site?

A question that regularly receive from our customers is “Which version of WordPress you have?”. This is because knowing what version of WordPress is essential when […]

WooCommerce Tutorial: Como configurar Ecommerce no WordPress

Do you have products or services to sell? Want to make money with WordPress, but do not know how to get started with e-commerce? WooCommerce this […]