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Is Parallax site good for SEO end? We will unveil the Myth!

Have you ever heard of a website in Parallax? Maybe not, but surely you’ve interacted with, it is a site style much used these days. Perhaps […]

AJAX or not AJAX? This is the SEO question

You can list the use of AJAX and SEO without affecting your site? Is it feasible to build a website using AJAX to have a “beautiful […]

Check out the Top 8 SEO Tools to Raise Your Organic Traffic!

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SERP – How to Analyze Your Website’s Positioning

For a project optimization (SEO) , it is first necessary to analyze the positioning of your site! In fact, the first thing that needs to be […]

What are the Key Factors of an On-Page SEO Project?

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SEO for WordPress: 5 Easy Settings You Can Even Make!

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