Behind the scenes: the backstage of video production for the RD Summit 2017

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Communication campaign begins long before the first content they air. It involves planning, creating and developing tactics to reach the public effectively.

It was no different with the RD 2017 Summit outreach strategy, which from the first months of the year already occupied space in the timeline and in the inbox of the Digital Results followers.

And this challenge to impact different audiences, audiovisual language had a very important role.

The purpose of this post is to present the work of RD’s video team during the period leading up to RD Summit , the strategies used during the event and a few tips for you to optimize the results of your company with the production of videos.

The first actions began in March 2017, when the visual identity of the project was defined.

At this stage, we adapt the concept of the brand to the video format, creating vignettes, transitions, watermark, and other visual aids.

It was essential to define the concept of actions and facilitate the production of content ahead.

We list some tips and lessons that can also be useful for you!

1. humanized ads

It may seem obvious, but those who access social networks like Instagram and Facebook, hoping to find stories of people.

The more your content look like a posting made by users, the greater the chances of it not be ignored by the public.

One of the first actions on video for the RD Summit was using Instagram. The goal was to create an ad in Stories, which offers just 15 seconds to tell a story.

In this case, the use of stickers , phrases and emoji brought to the typical video network language.

If your company does not have a team dedicated to videos or enough knowledge to create a campaign, worth taking a look at this list with templates options for Instagram Stories.

2. Test formats

Social networks offer more and more format options for creating content. Test the functionality and performance of each can be a good strategy.

Communication Summit bet on Carousel Facebook, which at the time had been shown good results.

Make an A / B test on your ads is an important step to ensure the best performance. In our Test Guide A / B you will find everything you need to optimize your results.

3. Take advantage of all the features

Publications video are the ones that usually get better performance on Facebook, followed by photos and links. Because of that the platform has adapted increasingly to the audiovisual format.

In June, for example, it launched the video version for cover pages, plus a chance to strengthen communication and engage the public.

If you also want to use the format, remember that the video must have a minimum resolution of 820 × 312 pixels and between 20 and 90 seconds long.

4. Creativity is never too much!

This is undoubtedly an important element in communication.

Of course, not all campaigns are able to maintain a high level of creativity, but it is worth spending some time thinking of a clever way to impact your audience.

Communicating the Summit, the extra dose of creativity was provided by the video that brings the recipe of the event, inspired by the famous food clips that tend to invade our timeline.

The gap between the idea of ​​the video and the publication was about a month. Ie certain videos require great effort, but in most cases, bring good results.

No doubt, it was the campaign with greater engagement: 810 likes, 157 comments, 114 shares and 80 tickets sold.

5. Recycle your content

Produce videos can cost time and money, especially if it involves capturing images. But pay attention where you can take advantage of materials that your company already have to create totally new content.

Those who follow the RD may have seen the success stories where customers RD Station count as the platform helped the growth of your business.

To take advantage of the long interviews we have stored in our file, we selected excerpts of these people telling about their experience in RD Summit and edit a new video.

Stay tuned to what you can also reuse!

6. Create a sense of urgency

This tactic can be applied to any communication format, but video the results can be even better.

If your goal is to get the user to perform certain action as soon as possible, using mental triggers as last tickets , last days or little miss can assist in strategy.

In the case of RD Summit, launched a video to reinforce the message missing 30 days to the event.

7. Make an impact

This is a goal that we should never lose sight of in any communication, and audiovisual language the impact can be magnified even more.

Who participated in this year’s RD Summit could observe various visual elements, much of it produced by our staff.

But what should have called more attention was the video with the theme of the event, displayed before the lecture by Eric Santos , CEO of Digital results.

The idea of producing it was precisely impact, excite and strengthen the main message, “Be So Good They Can not Ignore You” .

The following week we received many messages from people requesting the video to share it with their teams, a sign that the impact was really great.

Indications that by 2020 the video content should represent 80% of the traffic on the Internet reinforce the need to adapt the communication of your company as well to this format.

In the RD Summit campaigns apply the videos on social networks, sending emails and during the event itself.

And you, already produces videos to promote your business? Let the comments some strategy that has generated results!