Backup for websites: 7 best practices to ensure the security of your business on the internet

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The backup is the best option to tell if a cyberattack or other unforeseen problem.

When was the last time you backed up all the contents of your website or blog? The answer to this question can avoid big losses, as working hours and a considerable amount of money.

The challenge is to remember that precisely because these problems are unpredictable from the practical point of view, we must consider that, at some point, they can happen and not vice versa.

Why backups are crucial?

Let’s consider some possibilities: a dealer has its ecommerce hacked or agency has the blog of your most precious client committed a virus. Can you imagine the damage from getting a store down or losing all the content already ranked higher? After some malicious software have corrupted the code of a site, it is extremely difficult to clean it and get it ready to run again, especially when there is no original files to work on restoration.

One issue makes the situation even more tense in most cases is very difficult to know exactly when an incident occurred. Not knowing when the site was compromised, how do you know if the invasion took place yesterday or a year ago to apply the patch from the correct time?

No matter if it is an attack or some disastrous experience that put everything away, any scenario asks one thing: A recent backup . Through a good backup you can correct flaws restoring your system from a predetermined point.

To follow the following tips is important to make clear the difference between two main types of backup: the base backup (or full) and incremental.

A base backup is a complete copy of your entire data set. It is a more effective safety measure, but also requires a lot of time and other resources, so it is usually practiced less often.

Since incremental backups are often carried out and save only the data that has changed since the previous backup.

7 good backup practices for sites

1. Start by creating a good base backup

Make sure that if something wrong you will give a solid restore option, clean and error free.

Usually the ideal time to create this restore point is immediately after placing the new site or application in the air, often before you have added all of your content.

2. Be careful when upgrading your base backup

Regardless of how often you update the backup (monthly, weekly or even daily) always has a basic clean backup to return if necessary.

You should only update the base backup when you complete a milestone or make major changes to your site.

Remember, the idea is to have as a return to a perfectly clean version of your site, so it is best to have (at least) two backup versions, one base and another incremental.

3. Protect your backup

Your backups are your safe haven if something goes wrong, so they require extra protection.

Generally will be your hosting server that will take care to keep your copies. Still, you can also download them periodically , and then count on greater control of security.

One way to add security to store your backups is to duplicate copies, leaving your backups stored in different places and media. So if a copy fails you can rely on the use of another.

When storing your prints in media such as USB drives or hard disk, be sure to check if the environment is suitable to receive it, remember that changes in humidity temperature, for example, can affect the durability of these materials.

And always keep at least one copy of his basic backup duplicated with a version in the cloud.

4. Have a good identification system for your backups

You need to have a good identification system to find out which are the most recent backups and not confuse them with older versions.

The difference between incremental and base copies of backups, with different versions of the site also needs to be easily identifiable.

5. Recovery is important

In case you have committed your site you know how to restore it? Are you prepared to make use of your backups?

It is important that you know how to use their copies of files and systems to restore some when necessary environment. Test your backup solution to see if it is practical and easy to be thrown.

6. Decrease your backup window

Include daily backup in your routine maintenance. The great advantage of a backup routine continues is that, if a problem occurs, and you can identify when the incident occurred, may have the last most current backup possible to restore your application.

7. Choose well your hosting

By hosting your site it is important to have a company that offers virtual backup and automated to not only boost productivity, ensure their security does not depend totally manual actions and therefore human error.

The KingHost offers automated daily backup to its customers, complementing it with a specific protection against cyber attacks.

The backup methods available for KingHost allow yourself make restoring your backup with full autonomy through the control panel.

For those who have difficulties or want a consultant to the maintenance of a special project, the company also offers other security services as an extra service consulting for backups, which you account with the help of a professional who will dedicate a technical time to give full assistance on how to backup your files. Read more about the hosting plans of the company.

This entry was written by Leonéia Evangelista, content analyst KingHost .