Avoid False Leads in Your Conversion Forms and Get More Real Data

How do you relate to the Leads that are at the bottom of the sales funnel?
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“Working with Inbound Marketing for a while, and I realize that most of the Leads have achieved put fake information in the register of Landing Pages just to have access to the material. Is there any way to minimize this ? “

This question was asked during a session of “Ask what you will about Digital Marketing” here at Digital Results and is a problem that affects all of us who work with Generation Leads.

In this article you can see 4 Tips to avoid false Leads ! But before moving to solution, we well understand the problem.

A problem called the Data Quality Leads

The set of information Leads – usually obtained from forms filled in by themselves Leads – is not always reliable because it may be incorrect or outdated. The attribute that measures the reliability of such data is called Data Quality (or Data Quality).

According Integrate studies of 2015, 40% of all B2B Leads generated have a poor quality of data , or have problems with duplicate data, invalid entries, invalid emails, unfilled fields.

Dirty data or little data on the base are highly detrimental to their campaigns deliverability , spam, bounce ), customization of your campaigns (imagine the variables with wrongly filled fields), inefficient Lead qualification and low productivity of the team of sales.

how-to-avoid false-data-de-leads-4

Examples Leads with invalid data.

When should I worry about data quality of my Leads?

Data Quality is something we are giving much importance today here at Digital results.

“Before we were interested in pure volume and today we are worrying more and more with a higher quality of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) that we sent and we want marketing as a whole is charged for it.” – Franco Zanette , Growth Hacker in Digital results

Analyzing a sample of 1,000 conversions for a given period we find about 30% Leads to contact invalid information. If your company already generates a large volume Leads every month, it’s time to take a step forward to improve the quality of data these Leads.

But if you do not have a generation of recurrent Leads, focus on achieving your goal. To know more:

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False or incorrect data is inherent to the Inbound Marketing , ie, will always exist. But there are ways to reduce and avoid.

How to get real data conversion forms to avoid false Leads?

Tip 1. Submit your material by email

Make it clear in your Landing Page or Pop-up that the material will be sent by email.

After conversion, you can direct the person for a thank you page and send it to the material by email. This will force that person to use a valid email address if you want to consume content.

how-to-avoid false-data-de-leads-2

Communicate before the Lead Conversion

You can make this communication the conversion form of your Landing Page or Pop-up, as in the example below:

how-to-avoid false-data-de-leads-1

Landing Page Conversion Form.

Communicate after conversion Lead

The message of gratitude that is shown after conversion Lead is important to let them know that their information has been received, and know when and where he will receive the material.

Thank you message for a Landing Page.

Thank you message for a Landing Page.

Tip 2. Do not repeat the same question for your Lead

Repeat several times the same question for your Lead implies a reduction in the rate of return on Landing Pages and a worsening in the quality of Lead data. The Lead is frustrated by answering the same question and just answer everything “anyway” just to have access to content.

So here is a tip: ask only what is really relevant at every stage of the buying journey, taking into account the rich material that you are offering. For example, if you are offering an eBook with a basic content funnel top need not ask phone, billing or company size.

Focus on what is really essential for each step. If the material is top funnel the most important information to collect is something that allows you to perform a second contact with the Lead and start a relationship: e-mail address and name.

If you are a customer Smart Form , a feature that lets ask ourselves Landing Pages forms just what you do not have information about your contacts. Ie no more repeated questions to the same Lead.


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Tip 3. Write quality content

One thing that we have noted in the Digital results is that some people start consuming our material filling the wrong email.

But when they see that the content is quality, these Leads back filling with the correct email in the next conversions.

So capriche the quality of its rich materials 🙂

Tip 4. Make cleaning your mailing list

First of all, do not buy email lists , for it will never have the relevance and quality of a list of conquered lawful and organic way.

The main purpose of cleaning is to remove all emails that are not valid nor relevant to future campaigns of your company. If your company is sending emails to many addresses that do not exist, it is seen as a strong signal that the list has quality and is not treated with due care. Thus, the sending mail server is “frowned upon” and even when the message is relevant and the recipient wants to receive the email, the content may end up stopping the anti-spam filters .

In practice, the cleaning serves to weed out irrelevant emails and it is essential to maintain good reputation and ensure good deliverability.

If you are a customer of the RD Station can use the functionality of Lead Engagement that analyzes and calculates the engagement of all its Leads with your campaign to be sent:

how-to-avoid false-data-de-leads-1

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summing up

Data Quality is an issue that deserves attention if your company already has a generation of recurrent Leads. You can improve the quality of data of the Leads and avoid false Leads:

  • 1. Sending rich material after the lead conversion, email
  • 2. Asking only essential for every stage of the purchase journey
  • 3. Writing quality content
  • 4. sanitizing their lead base

Now I want to know: Are you already using some of these tips in your day to day? You perform other actions to avoid false Leads? Have more questions? Share with us🙂