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13 Tips for adapting content to Spanish

When we wrote material under Inbound Marketing strategy, and then adapt contents of another language, we must be very careful. How to use fonts in a foreign […]

The buyer people: the first step of your inbound marketing strategy

The wealth of information on the network has created a paradigm shift in sales: the important thing now is people, their needs, their desires and their […]

7 inspirational tricks to have a brilliant brainstorming

Marketing professionals and the art of ruining everything

The new era of marketing is here. The marked increase in the use of apps messaging, text change video or audio and advances in artificial intelligence, […]

Branding strategy: 7 essential elements to create a solid brand

Suppose you’ve noticed that your brand, if you can call it that way, is dysfunctional , or maybe have a definite brand, but this does not […]

10 phrases to help close your next sales contract