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Why 2017 was the year of the bots [video]

Last week, while using chat a website for customer service, I noticed something surprising:  I could not realize if talking to a person or a bot. […]

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26 Halloween costumes for technology and marketing geeks

Despite being a very fun day, Halloween does not receive the attention it deserves. No songs or holidays that relate to him, and held at a […]

10 signs that the manager of your company has an outdated marketing vision

We’ve all been in a situation where we have to laugh or hide the expression of fright when general manager thinks about something any modern marketing […]

How to make 2018 your best year in sales

  The last quarter of the year is about to begin, it’s time to prepare engines for 2018 is the best year for sales. Imagine that […]

5 Ways to make users stay longer on your website