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10 books that every marketer should have in his library

In the fast – paced world and constantly evolving, the key to success is to always observant, adapt and learn. Especially if you’re a marketer, n […]

How to make an analysis of generation of sales opportunities in your blog

This is the eternal question for bloggers business: how many sales opportunities generated your blog post? While it is much easier to observe the general metrics […]

3 & nbsp; KPIs fundamental for sales leaders

<< Create sales presentations to close deals successfully >> The answer lies in the  key performance indicators (KPI) . In short, the KPI are a resource […]

7 Marketing campaigns of incredible experiences

Labor events are often a real lottery, so it is very common to see many of the guests sitting nervous and isolated on a crowded event […]

How to effectively implement email marketing

The first email marketing , sent in 1978, generated sales of 13 million dollars and gave life to one of the most used marketing channels, even […]

5 Tips to improve your lead conversion process