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The Truth About Duplicate Content and SEO

  You often hear place out there that duplicate content is bad for SEO , it would be punished by search engines like Google. Some say […]

Keyword and SEO Research: How to choose the best keywords to fight for results on Google

This post is an excerpt from the eBook + Worksheet “Research keywords: what it is and how to do” , a material that shows the theory […]

SEO for blog: how to write content that generate organic traffic, engagement and real results [Guide + Template]

Here at Digital Results, acting as implementation consultant, talk daily with several businessmen from various sectors and the various pains, experiences, successes, failures and many incredible […]

The Top SEO Statistics to Bomb Your Digital Marketing Strategy [Search]

The SEO is a strategy that greatly influences the success of those who adopt Inbound Marketing . Its use correctly ensures good positions on Google, an […]

How To Do SEO Optimization On-Page

As we have said on the blog to introduce the operation of Google , the actual site / page has several aspects that give tips to […]

9 Brands that grew without a traditional marketing budget

Surely you’ve ever read a headline like “popular brands do not need advertising” or “10 companies that do marketing” and you could not avoid making a […]