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9 obsolete SEO practices that no longer work – and which ones still work

You may have heard or read so that the optimization for search engines (SEO) died. Well, that’s not exactly true. In fact, the parameters to optimize […]

The Truth About Duplicate Content and SEO

  You often hear place out there that duplicate content is bad for SEO , it would be punished by search engines like Google. Some say […]

Keyword and SEO Research: How to choose the best keywords to fight for results on Google

This post is an excerpt from the eBook + Worksheet “Research keywords: what it is and how to do” , a material that shows the theory […]

SEO for blog: how to write content that generate organic traffic, engagement and real results [Guide + Template]

Here at Digital Results, acting as implementation consultant, talk daily with several businessmen from various sectors and the various pains, experiences, successes, failures and many incredible […]

The Top SEO Statistics to Bomb Your Digital Marketing Strategy [Search]

The SEO is a strategy that greatly influences the success of those who adopt Inbound Marketing . Its use correctly ensures good positions on Google, an […]

How To Do SEO Optimization On-Page

As we have said on the blog to introduce the operation of Google , the actual site / page has several aspects that give tips to […]