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Why post videos on your Facebook page

Periodically, the Facebook algorithm is changed, and the way we communicate through this social network also ends up being naturally changed. If you make a mental […]

Landing Pages Rejection Rate: 6 reasons why your page is abandoned

In this post we will cite a few reasons why your Landing Page can have a bounce rate high and be abandoned before conversion, even after […]

7 SEO experts give you golden tips for finding the best keywords for your business

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5 techniques to make your website sell even more today

How to take advantage of his visits to the site and convert into customers? What are the steps to do this and achieve good results? The […]

Search: The weight of the different rankings factors in Google

After all, what makes a website is well positioned in Google? What are the items that weigh more for a page to be better in the […]

[Lecture RD Summit 2014] Matthew Kligerman – 16 conversion optimization tests (CRO) to double sales

Have you analyzed your site to learn which page elements are influencing the conversion rate? The importance of investing in conversion optimization and some ideas of […]