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Remarketing in Google AdWords: Creating campaigns and lists to generate more conversions

Remarketing is an online advertising technique that displays ads to users who have had contact with the brand, such as access to the site. To create […]

Mindmap: What to do with each keyword relevant to your business

One of the most important activities of Digital Marketing , the keyword search is a collection of terms that best describe a product, a service, a […]

How to Create an Easy and Fast Website: The 4 Essential Steps

Have you ever felt frustrated by not knowing how to create a website for your business or personal project? Its possible consumer tries to find the […]

What Are The Common Myths About Search Engine Optimization?

Are you looking for solutions to increase the traffic of your website ? Optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a good way to get in the good graces of […]

Google Images: learn all about Google image search

Open Google, type in the word you want to search and click images is a task of little complexity. However, Google Image Search , launched in […]

(Not Provided): Why this term appears between keywords that bring traffic and how to deal

Who uses Web Analytics to find optimizations opportunities may have noticed the keyword “(not provided)” among those that bring more traffic via Google In recent days […]