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Everything you need to know about the new Facebook pages

Update: In July 2016, the new Facebook pages have been modified again. We did this new post on the subject so that you stay up to […]

Facebook ends with 20% text restrictions on ads, but announces new rules

One of the existing rules for advertising on the Facebook post said that the image could not contain more than 20% text. But the social network […]

What kind of media dominates Google’s results in Brazil? [Infographic]

Achieve a high ranking on Google is never easy. Even before the introduction of the famous update Google Penguin and Panda algorithms, positioning your content for […]

Call to Action: Everything you need to know

Call to Action is a call to action, very common on websites, emails and advertisements, telling the user what should be done. Usually a Call to […]

7 Killer Tips to Optimize Ads on Facebook Ads and Get Higher Return On Investment

This post is the first part of the eBook “25 proven optimizations with Facebook Ads that will increase their conversions,” an advanced guide for you know […]

6 reasons to use Adwords even if you already do content and SEO

Here in the DR are big proponents of the production of educational content as a way to attract potential customers. Having quality content itself is undoubtedly […]