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Content Marketing: How to make materials accessible to people with visual impairment

We talked about on the blog and in our Leads . But despite having an almost countless amount of information on the internet, we realized that […]

Tips for building quality content for Google

In recent weeks, staff working with SEO (content optimization for search engines) has been concerned about and debated a lot about the recent changes that Google […]

Marketing in Social Networks: why use each one differently (and how RD does)

Having an online presence in social networks is no longer a differentiator. No company stands out for using a particular social network, but to use it […]

How to Generate Leads with a 404 Page

Would you be able to remember that experience? Suddenly you are interested in a particular subject and start researching it on the internet, find or type […]

Facebook for Franchises: A Golden Tip for You to Apply Now

It is common to find franchisors and franchisees in social networks with the same question: have a central page on social networks or split according to […]

Facebook Pages application: manage your company page through the iPhone

If your company has a Facebook page, it’s likely that you have already felt the need to use it on your phone or tablet, because I […]