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Total guide: Cover sizes and dimensions for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 2014

  As always, I will be completely honest: All information about Sizes and Dimensions layer for social networks , including backgrounds, profile picture, etc., have already changed many times that […]

Buyer persona: why should all marketers develop it?

In the above article, we talked about the important Storytelling for the construction of the Image and Positioning brand , and also for or strengthening the relationship with […]

How to write the perfect title for Social Media

How the perfect title for Social Media ? That’s the question posed every day thousands of community managers and others working in the Social Networks . […]

Work with freelancers: 14 tips to form an unbeatable team of writers

  Maybe you’re a “freelo” ( Freelancer ) like me who decided to try to be free and happy , or perhaps you have your own […]

How to earn more than 300 thousand dollars per year through your Facebook page

    Behind every client Postcron there are stories that are really inspiring . In this post we’ll have that of a Swedish entrepreneur who manages […]

Custom Marketing: 5 Keys to Implementing It Properly

All some time we received surprise email one, of which brand of some above and strange to buy sensation Be observed. This sensation arises after this type […]