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4 steps to build good responses to criticism in your blog or email

Se você recebeu algum tipo de comentário negativo, não há motivo para entrar em desespero. Aliás, você merece até parabéns, já que alguém se importa com […]

13 types of content you can produce for your blog

This post is a small excerpt from the eBook “31 types of content that you can produce for your blog”, a detailed eBook with the most […]

How is the structure of a blog post from the RD (and how to apply it in the blog of your company)

For a long time, the production of content on the Internet mirrored what was done in offline media. There are many examples of portals and blogs […]

What a blog layout should have

Last week launched the new layout of the Digital Blog Results. Several details have been studied and taken into account during the preparation process and we […]

8 tips from a writing director for your company’s blog

As the RD blog editor and also following many customers, always end up running into Portuguese errors in business content. If these errors are already common […]

Get 27 ways to promote your blog

A common problem for anyone starting a blog is to find ways to gain traction, to get together the first readers to spread the message. For […]