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Facebook Polls: know the news that lets you do surveys using GIFs and photos

For Facebook, 2017 has been a year of investment in polls format. Recently, for example, the company released adhesives format questionnaire that can be used in […]

Technological evolution, pyramid of influence and trends for 2018: check out InterNey interview at Studio RD Summit

Edney Souza, or for friends, ScienceBlogs is one of the professionals who understand the internet logic longer. So much so that his career is intertwined with […]

What Is The Future Of SEO?

Look into the future of search engine optimization In many areas, Google is now using machine learning, which will affect overall search results in ways that […]

5 arguments that prove that investing in web analytics is advantageous for your company

  One of the main differences of the Digital Marketing before the traditional advertising is that we can measure our results in a simple, and web […]

Videos from Facebook gain 4 new features: is your company ready to take advantage of them?

After updating their algorithm to give more space to long videos in the news feed in January 2017, Facebook announced another change related to that content […]

4 tips from Maryna Hradovich to master mobile search #RDSummit

You may even think that mobile devices are not affecting the results of your business, but it is probably wrong. A lot has changed (and changing). […]