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Why it matters and how to set up a privacy policy for your site

To build trust and demonstrate credibility and transparency to its users is recommended that your site has a privacy policy visible, that explains how the information […]

Google will display content in Stories format in search results

  If you’ve been on the Internet the past two years, you should be familiar with the term Stories. Created by Snapchat and implemented in almost […]

How to generate Leads with Instagram: 7 actions for you to use in the application

  Instagram was launched in October 2010 with a simple idea: take photos, apply effects on them and post them to your friends to see, to […]

The non-measurable value of content marketing

Those who follow our posts here at Digital Results may have noticed that we are great activists of the measurement. We believe that getting to measure […]

6 Tips For Writing Introductions Of Attractive Posts

“Clear thinking becomes clear writing: one does not exist without the other,” according to the writer William Zinsser. Thus, if you have clarity on all the […]

9 Creative Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You

  After reading about Email Marketing , you should have already convinced of the potential that this channel has in the acquisition, relationship and loyalty of […]