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Avinash Kaushik: What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it being applied in Digital Marketing #RDSummit

Avinash Kaushik is one of the major references in web analytics that exist. He wrote two best-selling books on the subject ( Web Analytics an hour […]

How to Qualify Your Leads to Generate Business Opportunities

In Digital Marketing , there is much talk about generating Leads. In fact, the generation of Leads is the beginning of a whole process towards closing […]

What is and how to do networking: 3 tips from Endeavor’s managing director, Allen Taylor #RDSummit

What’s the first image who comes to your head when you hear the word networking? If you thought about a happy hour with people excited and […]

5 Great Reasons to Target the Leads you Generate in Your Business

  You know what to do with the Leads generated in their campaigns Digital Marketing ? Many companies have invested in creating content for nutrition and […]

Which Email Marketing Templates should I use in my campaigns?

The Email Marketing models used by most companies today are: promotional, informational, transactional, welcome and special. Each email template has its own characteristics, so choose the […]

How to make your business never stop growing: the tips of Eric Santos at Studio RD Summit

Continuing with our weekly series of interviews recorded during the RD Summit , we bring here to the blog more a conversation with an expert. One […]