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Google Featured Snippet: What it is and how to leave your site in position 0

Have you noticed that in some searches performed in Google, you see a box with some of the content you’re looking for? This result is called […]

LinkedIn reinforces investments in video and launches format for ads and company pages

    LinkedIn made a very important statement for companies that use social networking to generate business. Are two new features: Video ad format Use videos […]

5 Steps A Pre-Sales Professional Must Follow To Have An International Career

    When we talk about career, we realize that job satisfaction is directly related to the possibility of working with something that causes satisfaction, for […]

Marcos Piangers talks about innovation and technological revolution at Studio RD Summit

Marcos Piangers is a writer, journalist, presenter and especially advocate of innovation. He disagrees with the idea that technology destroys jobs, but argues that it is […]

Why your agency should have a blog

Agencies that are already embarking the world’s Inbound Marketing understood that a blog is crucial for digital marketing strategy of its customers. However, many still follow […]

3 reasons to implement an online chat on your site

  With the world becoming more immediate, it is normal that people expect automatic access to information. The chat appears as a great option for that […]