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Behind the scenes: the backstage of video production for the RD Summit 2017

  Communication campaign begins long before the first content they air. It involves planning, creating and developing tactics to reach the public effectively. It was no […]

Instagram Stories will have ads in Carousel format

Instagram announced a novelty that will help companies make better ads in Stories. It will soon be possible to create ads that include three consecutive photos […]

Studio RD Summit: the interviews we’ve done with specialists and that will transform your business

In RD Summit 2017 we did something we had not experienced in relation to event coverage. We set up a video studio amid trade fair (we […]

Did you see that? Google increases the number of meta description characters from 160 to 320

Update: After about five months of experiment, Google began to show short descriptions. This is not the first time that the browser performs a change and […]

How do I know if my Email Marketing metrics are good?

The purchase journey . However, one of the most common questions from those who work with email is whether your metrics are good. After all, how […]

Lack of alignment between marketing and sales can be expensive for your business.

  If you are a sales professional or marketing, you should probably be accustomed to differences between these two areas. Although conflicts are inevitable and even […]