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Google Posts: Learn how to post directly to the search engine using Google My Business

One of the main objectives of companies investing in Digital Marketing is to improve the site’s ranking in search engines. For these companies, Google has some […]

Master the World: Tips for Building a Successful Global Marketing Strategy – Alexia Ohannessian #RDSummit

Any company born to be global. Who defends this idea is Alexia Ohannessian, a leading international marketing of Trello. And Alexia has a lot of authority […]

17 creative ideas for yourself to produce your rich content

At some point you ever thought about the possibility of producing a rich material, but abandoned the idea by not having staff or budget for it? […]

The 10 Most Common Startup Mistakes on Twitter

After Twitter started using domain on all the links , it began to appear as the site that brings most visitors to our blog. Just […]

LinkedIn announces updates to increase engagement; see what changes

LinkedIn announced a series of redesigns in order to boost user engagement. Updates represent the biggest change ever made in the social network desktop version – […]

Inbound Marketing for Mobile Applications: How to Sell and Promote Your App Efficiently

Not enough to be a good programmer and have an entrepreneurial spirit to develop a mobile app and gain many downloads. Even if it’s very innovative, […]