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Guide to learning how to connect PHP with MySQL

This tutorial will be very useful if you are starting to learn about the development of sites. Using this tutorial, you will learn how to connect […]

Learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress

It has been in a situation where you want to give a makeover in the design of your current page, but at the same time, wants […]

Domain Registration x Trademark Registration: Everything you need to know

You know how much domain registration and brand influence in their authority on the market? Your business is going well, you have won customers and think […]

Improving Website Performance – Enabling Keep-Alive

In this tutorial you will learn four different methods to enable Keep-Alive. Keep-Alive allows the browser of a visitor download all content (such as JavaScript , […]

Go Tech One Success Case: How to Increase Sales with a High-Performance Hosting

In Minas Gerais, in a town with 5000 inhabitants, a shop receives 500 prospects daily. Want to know how? With the internet, of course! Meet Success […]

Team management software increases the productivity of your site

Companies of all sizes and industries look for ways to increase the productivity of their teams. Do more in less time is something decisive to overcome […]